Shadow folder files

Shadow folder files

Post by Christof Hank » Wed, 12 Jun 2002 02:50:06


does anybody know the meaning of the files which sharepoint creates in the
shadow folder:

I Know the (x.y) files
but what about the .ch, .vs and name_00000a.ext.vs files?

Background is I need some place to place a prop onto a doc without changing
its version- putting it on the .ch works, but I do not know If that would be
a sane or a sick idea.

Thank you in advance.



1. shadow folder


Before a document is approved, it is stored in "SHADOW"
folder, like:

Now, is it possible for me to escape, "SHADOW" folder and
save the new version in the same folder as of existing
original document, like


Please tell me if this is possible, if yes the how can I
do it?




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