Fustratred Webpart - XSL contains() function error - Inherited XPath Functions

Fustratred Webpart - XSL contains() function error - Inherited XPath Functions

Post by Jaco » Fri, 29 Mar 2002 09:30:32

Hello All!

Argh!  I'm trying to use the Contains(,) function in a
Webpart Embedded XSL portion, and it keeps failing.  Can
Inherited XPath Functions be used in XLS in sharepoint?  
Or am I just lost.

My error:
'Script Exec Error: Wrong Number of Arguments or invalid
property assignment'

Stripped Portion of the code that fails :

   <xsl:when test="contains('mailto', 'mailto')">
      <IMG src="added_images/icoEmail.gif"/>



1. XPATH contains() function error: Script Execution Error: Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment

  We are using SPS on a W2K server..

  In a web part we get the error specified in the subject when we try
to use <xsl:if test="contains(/parh1/path2,'blabla')>sometext</xsl:if>

  I also checked namespace considerations where SPS default XSL is not
W3C standardized XSLT decleration? Changed to the standards an kept
getting the same error//

   Any suggestion? is or may the XML engine of SPS is old? (prior 4.0
where MS claims that xpath is implemented on MSXML 4.0 SDK?)

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