Help, "Search Documents" error: no catalog

Help, "Search Documents" error: no catalog

Post by te7 » Fri, 22 Mar 2002 23:18:33

    "Search Documents" generates error "There is no catalog.".   I can't
figure it out a way to solve it.  The "Indexing Service" is running with the
"System" catalog and the default web is indexed.    Is it something to do
with its path?  If so, how to solve the problem.  The Web is in drive F.

thanks for any advice.



1. "There is no catalog" error when using search


I am getting a "There is No Catalog" page when I try to
use the search function on my Intranet site. It was
working fine and then all of a sudden this happens.
Unfortunately I am not the person who creates the pages in
FrontPage- it's the Content Editor- so i don't know what
he may of done. Regardless, it's still me who has to fix

I read on the MS site that this could be caused by your
catalog not being named OWS_Search_Proxy-- but mine is, so
it can't be that....


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