Finding User Role if I am a member of group

Finding User Role if I am a member of group

Post by Sachin Are » Thu, 18 Apr 2002 01:08:08


I am one of the member of domain group. This group has
given permission as a Author on one of folder in the
SharePoint workspace.
I want to programmatically find out user role for myname.
I used IKnowledgeDocument::get_Author method which gives
me list of authors on that folder.
As this list contains group name, How Can I enumerate my
username from group name because I want to compare my name
with name coming from Author list to decide role?

OR is there any method SharePoint supports which will give
role regardless of user is as a single user or in a group.

I appreciate your help in this regard

Thank you


1. How to get role for user if he is member of domain group


I am member of one domain group. This group has given
permission as Author on one folder in Sharepoint workspace.
I would like to findout my role on folder.

I used IKnowledgeFolder::get_Author method which gives me
list of Authors.
But, in the list of Authors, I will get group name.
Then, How can I enumerate my name from group so that I can
decide user role for me on the folder.

OR is there any direct method to get roles for users
regardless of he is single user or member of group?


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