Network management tool for evaluation

Network management tool for evaluation

Post by CarySy » Mon, 17 Mar 1997 04:00:00

A low-cost (under $500) network management tool is ready for

Please visit our web site for detail
information and to download a copy of preview version.

Functionalities include:

* Packet capturing, decoding
* Statistics - network usage, topN tables, etc.
* traffic generator
* MIB monitoring tool
* Host monitoring
* Builtin SNMP agent
* and more ...


1. Building Network Management Tools with Tcl/Tk

This is a good tool, but you must be aware that source code and some
examples could not be retreived from the authors web site. See what
one of the authors says, and even the new pointed web site does not
work ! By the way, if you try to contact Prentice Hall, there will be
no reply.

"I have been searching through my pc at home and unfortunately
can not find the source code for the RMONv2, IP Path Tracing,
and Network Delay sample applications. Again, I apologize for
Dave Zeltserman

I have to apologize about the sample code no longer being made
available. It is a long story, one that I can not go into here,
but unfortunately I have no control over the site, nor do I have access to two of the
five sample applications. If anyone wants, they can send email to

RMONv2, IP Path Tracing, and Network Delay sample applications. Also,
I'm making a MIB Expression Browsing application written in Scotty
freely available at
Dave Zeltserman

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