Have you seen this...its new !!! 9g!`f?i]6Z

Have you seen this...its new !!! 9g!`f?i]6Z

Post by Dave » Sun, 27 Apr 2003 19:38:09

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Saying it's not spam doesnt make it true...


1. Having problems seeing the server

Hi there,

I have managed to get Client 32 for Win95 version working on
three machines, one of which is my laptop. All the machines can see our
old NetWare 3.12 servers, but only my laptop can see our new
Intranetware 4.11 server. I originally thought it might be a routing
problem and that some of our hubs, routers etc might need to be
reconfigured. BUT, I plugged the laptop into the ports that were being
used by the other machines and I can still see the 4.11 server. I've
been through the properties loads of times, and I can't see anything

If Anyone's got any ideas it may just be enough to stop me loosing the
rest of my hair :-)
Paul Duncan                                     Tel: +44 1703 596385
Information Systems Group,
NERC Research Vessel Services,
Room 451/11,
Southampton Oceanography Centre,
Empress Dock,


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