MRTG storing erroneous gauge data

MRTG storing erroneous gauge data

Post by Ian » Thu, 20 Dec 2001 02:51:46

I am using MRTG 2.9.17 and rateup to collect ufs data from a sun
management center agent.  The filesystem is completely static.  I have
it set as a gauge:

Options[_]: growright,gauge,unknaszero,noo

Everytime I start collecting from scratch, from one run to the next,
my log file changes as follows:

1008687903 990576 990576
1008687903 990576 990576 990576 990576
1008687606 0 0 0 0

5 minutes later...
1008688202 990576 990576
1008688202 990576 990576 990576 990576
1008687903 990576 990576 990576 990576
1008687900 970764 970764 990576 990576 <= ???
1008687600 0 0 0 0

Where did that 970764 come from?  This is completely incorrect.
990576 is the correct value, and is returned everytime the agent is
polled (verified with a sniffer).  It is as if the value is
interpolated (the time changes by 3 seconds), but that isn't correct
behavior for a gauge.

How do I prevent this from happening?  Is this a bug?



1. MRTG Gauge data not represented correctly on Graph

I am using MRTG to show the count of Active and Inactive sessions on a
Terminal Server.  I verified by looking in the MRTG Log file that the
data being captured through SNMP is accurate.  The values within the
Graph seem to be 8 times the numbers within the log file.  I guess
that MRTG thinks that I am getting bytes and that I want bits but I
don't specify the bits Option within that Target (though I do for
other targets).  The following is my config file that I use an Include
statement to put into a larger config file.  Any help would be
appreciated.  Thanks

# Terminal Server Active/Inactive Sessions

YLegend[WHITEOAK08.TSSessions]: Sessions
WithPeak[WHITEOAK08.TSSessions]: ymw
Options[WHITEOAK08.TSSessions]: growright, gauge, nopercent

MaxBytes[WHITEOAK08.TSSessions]: 25
Title[WHITEOAK08.TSSessions]: WHITEOAK08: TS Sessions
ShortLegend[WHITEOAK08.TSSessions]: #
Legend1[WHITEOAK08.TSSessions]: Active Sessions
Legend2[WHITEOAK08.TSSessions]: Inactive Sessions
Legend3[WHITEOAK08.TSSessions]: Maximal 5 Minute Active Sessions
Legend4[WHITEOAK08.TSSessions]: Maximal 5 Minute Inactive Sessions
LegendI[WHITEOAK08.TSSessions]: &nbsp;Active Sessions:
LegendO[WHITEOAK08.TSSessions]: &nbsp;Inactive Sessions:
PageTop[WHITEOAK08.TSSessions]: <H1>Active/Inactive Sessions
                <TR><TD>Maintainer:</TD><TD>John Capozza</TD></TR>
                <TR><TD>Active Sessions:</TD><TD>.</TD></TR>
                <TR><TD>Inactive Sessions:</TD><TD>.</TD></TR>

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