MRTG - Nortel BS-450 switches

MRTG - Nortel BS-450 switches

Post by Saigon » Fri, 16 May 2003 23:29:53

I have MRTG setup to monitor my Nortel 450 switches, but my time is off and I was wondering if there is a universal way to set the GMT without having to add it to very single port on every switch. Also, is there an easy way to name my ports?


1. MRTG and Nortel 450 stacked switches, Accelars

We have an assortment of Baystack/Nortel switches in our environment, and
are beginning to use MRTG to gather and graph network traffic stats.  A
number of questions have come up in our efforts to-date...

1)  For a stack of 450 switches, does each switch need to be explicitly
defined to MRTG configmaker?  When we tried to run it specifying only the IP
address of the stack, it failed to capture any data. S/W 4.01x on the 450
switches, using MRTG 2.9.10.

2)  Baystack 340-24T switches are detected fine, and we are getting graphs
for all ports... even the inactive ones.  This is exactly what we want.
However, the Accelars don't seem to behave in the same manner.  We are only
getting graphs for the active ports.  ???  The Accelars are running 2.1.1

3)  One of our Accelars has 1000SX ports... the MRTG docs state that devices
must use SNMPv2 to avoid wrapping data counters on high activity ports.
This does not appear to be an issue for us yet, as our traffic has not even
approached 100Mbps yet... but does anyone know if this is an issue with the
Passport/Accelar switches?

Any assistance appreciated!



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