Paradyne DSLAM & MRTG

Paradyne DSLAM & MRTG

Post by andy » Tue, 13 May 2003 23:47:14


I'm kind of a newbie, but I'm trying to monitor active ports on a Paradyne
DSLAM with MRTG.  When I do an SMTPWALK, it gives me a bunch of OID numbers.
For example it will say, " = "DSLAM MVL Port". Using this
OID info, could someone give me an example of what my mrtg.cfg file entry
should look like?  Or if there's a better way of doing it I'd like to know.
I'm using MRTG Version 2.9.17.  Thanks!


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    I updated my version of mrtg last week.  I installed mrtg 2.9.4 but
I can't monitor my Paradyne Dslam HotWire 8610.  I try this command to
create the .cfg:
./cfgmaker --global 'Workdir: /var/local/mrtg/vlct.1.3' --output

This line work fine, but went I try to run mrtg: ./mrtg vlct.1.3.cfg
it tell me this error message:

  can't resolve "s3" to IP address

Array found where operator expected at (eval 6) line 1, near "} "
        (Missing operator before  ?)

Bareword "gestion" not allowed while "strict subs" in use at (eval 6)
line 2.
ERROR: Target[sachi.gestion_3001] eval warning: syntax error at (eval 6)

But with mrtg 2.9.0 pre6, all worked fine.  I think mrtg don't like a

Does anyone have a fix for this?

Thanks a lot!

Patrick Charpentier

Internet Technician - CoopTel

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