Remote Server Management

Remote Server Management

Post by Phil Hutchinso » Fri, 20 Nov 1998 04:00:00

> I own a linux box at home with 64k internet connection. I want to be able to
> remotely reboot it and hence need remote console access. Is there any device
> by which I can see the console output even if the system is rebooting i.e. by
> which I can remotely interact with my pc when it is rebooting.

> Thanks in Advance,

> Regards,
> Linda Evans.


The PC architecture boots to the video adapter card and internal
All the PowerOnSelfTest messages and messages during kernel load end up
on the
video adapter until code can be run to direct /dev/console to one of the
ports.  At that point you can be the console remotely over a terminal
or remote access server of somekind.  During a reboot, you'll get to see
shutdown messages but miss the important stuff that may occur on the way
back up.
Philip L. Hutchinson