Datamodel needed for Net-Mgmt. ...

Datamodel needed for Net-Mgmt. ...

Post by D. Scherbart » Sun, 15 Jun 2003 20:11:28

here, we are running a realy big network with hundreds of routers and
We plan to set up an overall network configuration management, actualy we
are thinking about a suitable, underlying datamodel - but this looks like
a hard job.
So, I've started searching for a readymade data model in the net, which we
can modify and
adobt - but with no success.

My question to You: Does anybody know a link to a data model which we can
adopt ?!

thank you for reading / greetings from warm (20 degrees cent.) Hamburg

   Dirk Scherbarth


1. Need Real world perspective: i.e. When we need network mgmt software and switched 10BT?

Hello all,

the company where i work for were using 10BT for our 9 PC (all were
administration .
As we grows up, the PC grows to 6 administrative workstation, 19 engineering
workstation and 3 CAD workstation for mapping.
We will add a printer server too and a file server for the engineering and CAD
We want to upgrade the network and ask for proposals from various resellers of
various vendor.
One of the them proposing using a 24 port 10BT Desktop Switch 1000 connected
(cascaded to?)  100B-TX hub with management module plus network management
software (in this case Trancend)

The board tends to agree with the switch, and 100BT.
But questioning the management module and network management software.

The price of these two things almost cost like the switch alone.

I need some real world perspective on how would cost effectiveness and
performaces compares when using this configuration.

When would an organisation really need a netwrok management software?
when would we really need a switch? and about VLAN?

I can really use your answers.

Thank you,

M. Ramius

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