MRTG 2K Memory Monitoring Available Bytes

MRTG 2K Memory Monitoring Available Bytes

Post by Michael E. Simmo » Sun, 18 May 2003 01:51:23

Hi, I am new to MRTG and SNMP.  I've been working with it for the last
3 days and have it monitoring all the basic stats on NT 2K Server that
I am looking for except 1.

I am using SNMP4NT and cannot seem to get it monitor available memory
bytes.  Below is a sample from mrtg.cfg and a sample from the log file
for this data sample.

I installed SNMP4NT on both the server and my workstation that I am
using to monitor it.  I am able to use GetIf to browse the tree and
get the available bytes using the OID
(., but I can't get it in MRTG.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

mrtg.cfg sample
# Memory
WithPeak[]: ymw
Options[]: growright,gauge

MaxBytes[]: 536870912
AbsMax[]: 1073741824
Title[]: Available vs Committed Byes
XSize[]: 300
YSize[]: 100
YLegend[]: Bytes
ShortLegend[]: Bytes
Legend1[]: Available Memory (Bytes)
Legend2[]: Committed Memory (Bytes)
LegendI[]: Avail:&nbspp
LegendO[]: Comit:&nbspp
PageTop[]: <H1>My Machine NameMemory</H1>

Log Sample:
1053103580 1932255232 254562304
1053103580 0 254562304 0 254562304
1053103281 0 254578688 0 254578688
1053103200 0 187539633 0 254578688