MRTG on Cisco AS5400HPX for H.323 Information

MRTG on Cisco AS5400HPX for H.323 Information

Post by Unknown » Fri, 20 Jun 2003 09:51:58

We are looking for OID information on the Cisco AS5400HPX.  We currenlty use
these devices for VoIP calls and would like to be able to poll the
information that is displayed in
   show csm call-rate
   show h323 gateway cause-codes

If anyone can help, it is appreciated.




1. H.323-ID used by Cisco CallManager


I'm using Cisco CallManager v 4.1, and I have noted a strange behaviour

in the H.323-ID used.
I have an H.225 Trunk (Gatekepeer Controlled). Under this menu I give a

name to the "Device Name" Field. For example, I call this field "CCM".
In the AGK table, the H.323-ID associated to CCM (visbile with show
gatekeeper endpoint) is slightly different: for example, "CCM_3".
What value does the CCM use to register in the RRQ ? Is there a
connection with CTI ID?

Second question: when I have a calling from the CCM, normally in the
Setup message the source H.323 is equal to the E.164 number of the
calling device.

I also need to exactly understand how CCM creates the H323-ID put in

outgoing SETUP messages. I would like the ongoing Setup to have the
same H323-ID used in the RRQ. Does anyone know how to manage it ?

Thank you

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