about MRTG weekly,monthly,yearly.. graphs

about MRTG weekly,monthly,yearly.. graphs

Post by Shibum » Sat, 28 Jun 2003 22:40:10


By mistake some of our leased line customers's (mostly 128K - 256K) maximum
traffic in mrtg  became about MBits so the weekly and monthly graphs has
been spoiled since their max value is about Mbits. I have only basic
knowledge of mrtg so can you please provide me a little help.



1. MRTG: does not make weekly/monthly/yearly stastics


my MRTG does not make statistics (like max in, max out, average in...,
they are all simply 0.00 b/s) for the weekly/monthly and yearly graph.
the graphics itself are ok!
is there somewthing wrong with my cfg file???
any hints?


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