MRTG and Sun servers

MRTG and Sun servers

Post by Edito » Fri, 18 Apr 2003 20:19:38


Perhaps it is just me but finding out the OID's for Sun SNMP agents beyond basic
interface information is a challenge. I have tried walking the hosts with
SNMPWALK and get lots of very good stuff about the interfaces and such. However
what I would like to find out is the CPU load and the disk usage. I am told it
can do this very easy after searching Google,, and others, the
OID's that people suggest are normally not Sun but rather UCD OID's. I have
tried to walk the Sun enterprises agent but either I am really stupid (that is a
possibility) or the agent does not respond. I did download the latest one from
Sun in one machine and it does respond to normal SNMPWALK queries as well as
reporting the Interface data.

MRTG is a great tool and we use it a lot to monitor all the routers & switches
(roughly 20,000 snmp queries every five minutes) and it is great. However, we
would like to also monitor a few servers.

Any help would be great.



PS: does anyone know if the Cisco 2514 can be monitored for CPU load? I know the
7xxx series can. The OID for the 7xxx does not respond in the 2514.


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We have a few Sun Sparc 10s MPs still running Sun Os 4.1.3.  We also have
HDS Terminals which have a local PPP client.  The masterplan is to have
these terminal at the principals homes and have the terms running PPP
over phone lines via a modem (obviously).

I also would like to use the Suns to run PPP to my net provider.  Is this
a different setup?

Can someone please post a some hints, ftp-sites, software names or commecial
packages to enable these two scenarios.

Thanks for any and all help I recieve!!!!

Marten M. Liebster   Please no flames for spelling,

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