MRTG (v2.9.7) log file problem

MRTG (v2.9.7) log file problem

Post by dgoogl » Tue, 28 Aug 2001 20:55:56

Has anyone experienced lose of MRG log files.

I found that when MRTG (v2.9.7) terminated abnormally I lost the log
file for the element being processed and that the old log file was
considered corrupt bu mrtg.

If anyone has experienced this and can provide any answers it would be



1. Converting RRD database files back to the old MRTG log files.

Does anyone know if it is possible to convert an RRD database BACK to and
old style mrtg log file?

I know it sounds kinda lame but my boss likes the speed that the old style
mrtg exhibits. It's only for a few interfaces but I would like to be able to
keep the data going rather than loosing it all and having to start over.

Thanks for the help,


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