HP Openview Network Node Manager.

HP Openview Network Node Manager.

Post by G.K.Subramania » Sat, 27 Apr 1996 04:00:00


We have a network of HP 9000 servers and a host of PCs running
WFWG. We have 30 location across WAN using Frame Relay. We are
evaluating different options for network management. HP Openview
seems to be the bext possible option. I was wondering if someone
has and suggestions to implement the Openview on HP or the
Windows version of OV. Any help on this would be greatly

Thanks and regards,

GK Subrahmanian
Foremost Farms USA


HP Openview Network Node Manager.

Post by Wayne Gustavu » Mon, 29 Apr 1996 04:00:00

You didn't mention how many hosts were in each of your 30 networks or what network devices you are planning to manage, but it
sounds as though you are trying to manage a fairly large, disperse network.  We are building a fairly large and complex
centralized management system and are planning on implementing HPOV for HP-UX 9.04 (10.x when we get our HP9000 K400's) for
performance considerations.  My recommendation is that you consider a Unix based solution as opposed to the HPOV for Windows for
the same reason.  Either Cabletron Spectrum or HPOV will fit the bill I would imagine, and both are very well supported and have
the element management systems (EMS) available for most networked devices (e.g. CiscoWorks, ForeView, Optivity, etc.)  Also,
with 30 dispersed sites, you may consider taking advantage of the distributed management capabilities of the enterprise versions
of Spectrum and HPOV.