MRTG Question

MRTG Question

Post by Justin Pri » Sun, 04 Nov 2001 00:21:57

After adding numerous interfaces on a router that is already being
monitored by MRTG, I want to re-create the cfg file and re-index the
cfg file in order to update the web page data.  However, I don't want
the graphs for the currently monitored interfaces to be reset.  How do
I add the new interfaces while keeping my data for the old interfaces?

P.S. - running MRTG in AIX



1. newbie MRTG question : how to add mib to MRTG ?


I'm a MRTG newbie and am trying to get it work with Xylan Omniswitch,
the problem is, I can't find the MIB files from popular MIB libraries...

At last, I got the xylan mib, but the simple question is, how do I add
the mib into MRTG ? I'm using MRTG on WinNT & Win98

Any help appreciated !!


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