ANNOUNCE: eGurkha ASPlite - End-to-End Performance Monitoring Solution

ANNOUNCE: eGurkha ASPlite - End-to-End Performance Monitoring Solution

Post by G » Thu, 27 Jun 2002 21:31:36

eGurkha Inc. has recently released version 2.2 of its ASPlite
integrated service monitoring solution. This feature-rich
product is a well-rounded, cost-effective, scalable
monitoring solution that can be used by small and large
enterprises. ASPlite is also the only monitoring solution
that is tailored to the unique requirements of service-providers
(MSPs, data center operators, etc).

The distinguishing features of ASPlite include:

- 100% web-based architecture that allows monitoring of
  remote locations (even through firewalls, with no additional

- Extensive application monitoring capability (over thirty
  different applications can be monitored out-of-the-box by

- Real-time monitoring of the TRUE end-user experience from
  multiple perspectives, including quantification of performance
  per transaction (based on  real - not fake - transactions)

- Virtual, private monitoring architecture that allows
  personalized views of the target environment per customer

- Greatly simplified troubleshooting through a unique single-click
  root-cause diagnosis capability that correlates between network,
  systems, and applications

- Simple, cost-effective licensing policy

- Integration Console plugin that allows users to easily
  extend the monitoring capabilities of ASPlite.

eGurkha ASPlite is available on Microsoft Windows NT
and 2000, Sun Solaris, HPUX, AIX, Red Hat Linux, and
Turbolinux platforms. IT infrastructure elements monitored
include Oracle, MS SQL, DB2 UDB, Sybase, Apache, iPlanet
web and application servers, IIS, Active Directory,
ColdFusion, Jrun, ATG,  WebLogic, WebSphere, infrastructure
servers (DNS, LDAP, FTP), Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino,
and networking gear (routers, switches, hubs).

For more details, please see


ANNOUNCE: eGurkha ASPlite - End-to-End Performance Monitoring Solution

Post by daveh.. » Thu, 27 Jun 2002 22:55:52

Quote:> eGurkha Inc. has recently released version 2.2 of its ASPlite

Gee, sounds a lot like Big Brother (at, except that
it's free for most users, has a *very* active user community,
and oh, they don't spam.


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