Low Traffic

Low Traffic

Post by M. Glowack » Thu, 01 May 2003 10:46:07


I'm monitoring few connections where traffic is very low and sometimes there
is a spike which scales the graph to flat line. This is just a cosmetic
problem. I'm looking at month graph. Is there a way to scale the graph to
kill that spike in the graph?

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1. PIX high to low traffic denied by default

I've inherited a fully configured hot-standby PIX pair (both v5.1) and
having come from a Check Point firewall background am finding the PIX
concepts a little hard to grasp.  I believe I understand most of
what's going on from going through the configs, but am finding it
doesn't work according to the docs.  In particular the docs say that
traffic from a high security interface to a low security interface is
automatically allowed.  Not on my firewalls though!  I have to have
rules for all traffic, even for traffic passing from high to low
interfaces (including all the nat and static stuff) - nothing gets
through by default from any interface, but I can't find the command
that has changed the default behaviour.  Does anyone know what could
have caused this and how to change it back, as I'd quite like to
simplify the config and remove all the high to low interface rules and
just explicitly control traffic from low to high interfaces.



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