SNMP Proxy development using Microsoft's SNMP API

SNMP Proxy development using Microsoft's SNMP API

Post by Cristian Bettendo » Wed, 06 Mar 2002 01:25:25


I want to develop a SNMP extension module to the MS SNMP service which
will run as proxy and redirect set/get operations of preconfigured
OID-subtree's to other SNMP agents listenning on a other UDP port on
the same(or remote) machine, all using only the Microsoft's SNMP API.

Has somebody a code example as startpoint for such application?

Manny thanks in advance


1. problem w/'erase nvram:' or 'write erase' using SNMP ?


I'm trying to do a 'write erase' or 'erase nvram:' using SNMP, and not
having much success with the writeMem mib variable from

Any one know any undocumented MIB variable that can be used to the
same effect, or any other SNMP technique to do the same ?

The router is fully configured to support SNMP. Its a 2611 running

Cisco doc says that setting writeMem to 0 should erase nvram

               writeMem OBJECT-TYPE
                   SYNTAX  INTEGER
                   ACCESS  write-only
                   STATUS  mandatory
                           "Write configuration into non-volatile
                           / erase config memory if 0."
                   ::= { lsystem 54 }

but what it actually does is put an empty config (simply an 'end') in
there (not quite the same as an erase).

The exact OID I'm using is
set to integer 0.

Thanks in advance

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