getting CPU usage value for MRTG

getting CPU usage value for MRTG

Post by Claud » Fri, 05 Apr 2002 05:41:02

I'm trying to monitor CPU usage via MRTG on a box running UCD-SNMPD. I've
got it working using the OID laLoadInt ( - CPU
load avereges). But these values are a lot higher than the values I get when
I run TOP, or when I get values from ssCpuSystem.0 (percentage of system CPU
time), ssCpuUser.0 (percentage of user CPU time) and ssCpuIdle.0 (percentage
of idle CPU time).
Can anyone tell me what are the difference between these values?
Wich one is the most indicated do monitor CPU usage?



1. Summing CPU Usage values

I'm sorry if this has been covered many times before but i'm strugling to
find an answer.

What I am trying to do is plot the User CPU Usage against User+System CPU

I am running under FreeBSD so I don't have access to /proc/cpuinfo so most
of the local scripts are out.

I am using ucd-snmp.

currently I have


which plots User against System.

according to the mrtg docs you can sum information in the format

I'm having trouble understanding this format. Will this plot 2+1 against 4.

If so, would the equivalent line for me be

If this is the case, this doesn't work.
mrtg gives me lots of unitialised value errors from perl.
Any advice would be appreciated

Graham Wharton

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