MIB Compile problem w/ CMU-SNMP v2 SNMP s/w

MIB Compile problem w/ CMU-SNMP v2 SNMP s/w

Post by Terrence McArd » Sat, 25 Feb 1995 01:41:51

Hi all,

I'm interested in determining the cause of a problem I'm having with the
compilation of a MIB file.  The MIB file is for an Asante 1012 SNMP
compliant 10BaseT hub.  I don't know if it's the MIB file problem (it
appears to comply with the RFC 1215, the SNMP software (a CMU SNMP version
2 distribution, which should postdate the RFC 1215 by quite a bit), or me
(a very likely possibility)

Since I'm rather new to this area (very new), please go easy on me if this
is a misguided query :-)

I have read the SNMP FAQ, ftp'd CMU's public domain SNMP package and
compiled it on a Sun Sparcstation 10 Model 40. The compilation seemed to
work fine, so I pointed my MIBFILE environment var to an Asante 1012
bridge MIB file (ah1012bridge2.mib.txt) MIB file.

Here's where the problem occurred.  Below I tried to run snmpwalk (and a
few of the other utilities included with this package) - it exited with
the following error diagnostics:

Quote:> (16) 15:57:16 $ snmpwalk
> Bad operator: On or around line 5139
> Mib table is bad.  Exiting

So I looked at the file, and line 5139 is the line that contains

        thresholdLev1 TRAP-TYPE

from the MIB file segment below.  Now I'm sort of out of my league - can
someone either give or make an educated guess as to the reason why the
error occurred?  (Or point me to where I should be looking?)

I downloaded RFC 1215, the one dealing with vendor defined traps, and all
seems well with the MIB file.  I'm hesitant to point my finger at the SNMP
software as it postdates the MIB file (which, incidentally, has a rev.
date of August 18, 1993, rev 2.1E)    

Thank in advance, as always...

- Terry


Mgr, Information Systems              work     (412) 648 9218
Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

MIBTXT code segment follows:

        -- Traps for use by Asante products

        -- Traps are defined using the conventions in RFC1215.

        -- threshold trap

        thresholdLev1 TRAP-TYPE

                ENTERPRISE hub1012-bridge

                VARIABLES {










                        thresholdLev1FallingEvent }


                "The SNMP trap that is generated when an alarm

                entry crosses its rising threshold or falling threshold, and

                generates an event that is configured for sending SNMP


                ::= 1

- Terry


Mgr, Information Systems              work     (412) 648 9218
Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

- Terry


Mgr, Information Systems              work     (412) 648 9218
Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center


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