minimal MIBs/groups to support?

minimal MIBs/groups to support?

Post by Chri » Fri, 20 Jun 2003 03:28:17


Is there a minimal set of required objects/modules to support with SNMP for
a NMS? I believe most NMS look for values in the 'System' and 'Interfaces'
group from MIB-2 or the snmpMIB (rfc3418). I want to be able to provide at
least the base set of groups/objects to a typical NMS. What about the common



1. NetCentral support of other vendor MIBs

I have a question relating to the NetCentral SNMP package.  I assume
that the cisco product has a better understanding of the relationship
between various variables within the global MIB and within its own
MIB.  This would be evident in the network map, where if some
environmental is broken it shows the icon that corresponds to such a
broken environmental (i.e. too hot would perhaps appear as a red
blinking thermometer).  But what if I import some other vendor's MIBs
into NetCentral?  Of course I would be able to do strip charts and
other stats but how much can I teach NetCentral about the relationship
of various MIB variables? (i.e. a certain environmental variable belongs
*inside* a certain box and is not some additional information).


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