mrtg - monitoring printed pages

mrtg - monitoring printed pages

Post by Ralf Stolzenber » Thu, 22 May 2003 21:42:39


Has someone a solution for monitoring the total printed pages/day with mrtg?

I found some cfg-files, but all of them are based on the gauge option, with
ever increases the total value, but doesn't build the difference from the
monitored before (e.g.: 10 pages in the last 5 minutes).
I want to get the printes pages since the last request to get a statistic of
pages since the last interval, but not the total sum.

Or couldn't that be realized with mrtg by itself?
I couldn't find also an info about mainpulate the values of the database
file with rateup
to write that values.

Any ideas?




1. MRTG - Problem monitoring # pages printed on a printer


I am setting up (or trying to) a config file for monitoring the number
of pages printed on a Ricoh laser printer. I only get a flat line at 0
pages, though. If I put "gauge" as an option, I get a fine graph
showing me about 87,000 pages printed but I would rather have a five
minute average as is default.

MaxBytes[itlaser]: 100000
Options[itlaser]: nopercent, integer
Title[itlaser]: ITLaser
PageTop[itlaser]: <H1>ITLaser Ricoh 220</H1>

I don't think it's the printer reporting anything wrongly, since an
snmpwalk on the OID shows the following:

snmpwalk -Os -c public -v 1
mib- = Counter32: 87761

And after printing three pages:

snmpwalk -Os -c public -v 1
mib- = Counter32: 87764

Thank you for any help.


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