Storing MRTG data for statistical analysis

Storing MRTG data for statistical analysis

Post by MT Morale » Sat, 04 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I apologize if this has been answered many times(it is
my first time here).

We would like to perform some statistical analysis
(like examine self-similarity property among other things)
on data collected by MRTG and be able to store the data
on plain text file over a long period of time, since
MRTG is already collecting it for graphing.
Now, is there a simple way of doing that without having to
modify the MRTG perl code?
Any suggestions on how to go about this without having
to reinvent the wheel too much?

I don't have any problem programming in Perl, but I
thought it would be best to get advise first if anyone
has done anything similar.

Thanks in advance for any help.