Reliable and scrptable backup to Postgresql databases.

Reliable and scrptable backup to Postgresql databases.

Post by John N » Tue, 25 Jun 2002 03:28:22

I use a regular user account to manage my database, not root.  So I've
cron'd 2 perl scripts with that account that runs a backup and copy to a
remote Windows 2000 file server that's backed up nightly.  Here are my 2
perl scripts...


#Perform Backup/Vacum on database1        
print "Backup/Vacum on database1\n";        
system("/usr/bin/pg_dump database1 > /usr/local/backup/postgres/database1.dump");                  
system("/usr/bin/psql database1 -c \"vacuum;\"");        

#Perform Backup/Vacum on database2                                                                                                  
print "Backup/Vacum on database2\n";                                                                                                
system("/usr/bin/pg_dump database2 > /usr/local/backup/postgres/database2.dump");                                                  
system("/usr/bin/psql database2 -c \"vacuum;\"");

print "Done!\n";


That is set to run every night a 10pm.  This next script is setup to run
every night at 10:30.


# Mount remote filesystem and copy to it for main backup.
print "Tar/GZip the html folder...\n";
system("/bin/tar -czf /usr/local/backup/postgres/htmlback.tar.gz /var/www/html/");
print "Done with the Tar/GZip...\n";
print "Mount/Copy backups\n";
system("/usr/bin/sudo /bin/mount /mnt/smb");
system("/usr/bin/sudo /bin/rm -f /mnt/smb/*.dump");
system("/usr/bin/sudo /bin/rm -f /mnt/smb/*.tar.gz");
system("/usr/bin/sudo /bin/cp /usr/local/backup/postgres/*.dump /mnt/smb/");
system("/usr/bin/sudo /bin/cp /usr/local/backup/postgres/*.tar.gz /mnt/smb/");
system("/usr/bin/sudo /bin/umount /mnt/smb");
print "Done!\n";


I have to run sudo because mount isn't allowed by normal users.  I have
the location of the file server with the correct username/password in

To restore the database, all you have to do is create the database name,
then type 'psql -e database1 < database1.dump' and it will restore the
tables and contents to the exact minute you backed them up.

Hope this helps...


> I am looking to setup a reliable and automatic way to backup my
> Postgresql database to a remote server.

> What I have tried is to use the PG_Dumpall function to dump the contents
> of my databases. And then have a remote machine use SMB to back up the
> files using our backup system. My problem is that pg_dumpall wants a
> password for the account I want to use to run the backup.

> Is there a better way to do this. If my understanding is correct, It
> would be a bad thing for me to just try to tarball the /pgsql folder
> when the databases is running. I cannot readily take the database
> offline to run the backup as it is a key part of running a webserver and
> some network utilities.

> Does anyone have an suggestions on how to do this well. I also have to
> be able to backup my BLOBS that are in the database.

> Thanks in advance.

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1. Reliable and scrptable backup to Postgresql databases.

Hi !

I use two scheduled crons to first vacuum and then dump all dbs.

Then I have a simple shell script to tarball the dump and to move it to
another machine with rsync. Not sure if this works with blobs.



cd /work/backup #directory where the files come

? ? ? ?tar cfz pg_daily_dumps.gz /usr/share/pgdumps/all

? ? ? ?

? ? ? ? export RSYNC_PASSWORD="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"


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