multi-user and multi-level database access

multi-user and multi-level database access

Post by Tomasz Myr » Fri, 13 Dec 2002 08:53:27

I want to protect my database against unauthorised data destruction
(Postgresql 7.2) I have some applications accesing database, each one
does other things and there is a lot of users using these applications.

Here is my solution:
- each application has one postgresql group (create group...)
- i have a lot of grants/revokes for these groups
- there is a table named "users" which contains logins, user names and
other useful information.
- after inserting a row to table "users", inside plpgsql function
I "create user <login>"
- for each application I "alter group application_group add user <login>"

My questions are:
- how to check if some postgresql user exists? I found them in table
pg_shadow, but selecting this table is legal?
- how to change postgresql user login? Do I have to drop/create user, or
I can update table pg_shadow?
- is it possible to revoke some privileges to all tables without listing
them? I want to revoke all trigger/references/rule to all users without
database owner.

And one additional question - not exactly to this list:
- did anyone compile libpq under MsWindows with ssl?

Tomasz Myrta

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