visual language parsers?

visual language parsers?

Post by Dr. Paul Ducksbur » Tue, 06 Nov 2001 13:58:08

Does anyone know of the most uptodate software available for parsing
visual languages (well attributed multi-set grammars actually).

I know of the work by Golin (Journal of Visual languages and
computing, 91) but was trying to find out what software was available
to avoid reinventing the wheel. I checked out comp.lang.visual but
there didnt appear to be any recent messages on it


Paul Ducksbury


1. Building Visual Language Parsers: any implementations available?

In the CHI'91 conference proceedings there is a paper called "Building
Visual Language Parsers".  The paper presents constrained set grammars and
mentions some tools that were developed: a parser generator, a parser
animator, and a constraint visualizer.  This sounds very interseting.

Does anyone know if the tools are available?  Does anyone have any
references to similar papers or tools?


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