Search engine query language parser

Search engine query language parser

Post by wvw » Mon, 22 Oct 2001 10:47:04


I'm looking for a lex/yacc/bison/flex etc. definition for a parser which
will parse Altavista-like advanced query syntax and can then be used to
generate SQL.

The tool really doesn't matter but need to stay away from interpreted
stuff like Perl.



wvw at fred dot net
[You might find one in aspseek or mnogo, two popular free web archivers
which use mysql underneath. -John]


1. Search engine language parser

Hi all,

Like all newbies to a given group, I hope that this is on topic here.

My boss has me building a search engine. No problem, I've already got
most of the basic constructs for the various levels of the opperation
figured out.  What I'm sticking on is how to go about defining a set
of logical rules to apply to a search. That is, how to define a query
structure. Once I have a set of rules, I can parse whatever I get just
fine, writing parsers is most of what I do for a living.

Here's an example of what I mean:

- Somebody searches for: "hello world or dolly".
- I look at this as a human and say this would match:
        'hello', 'hello world', and 'hello dolly'
  No problem, simple english tells me that this shouldn't match:
        'hello', 'world', and 'dolly'
  That would negate the need for the "OR". But how do I ~know~ to define a
rule that would account for this? And how do I choose other rules to apply?

Thank you,
[This is a pretty simple precedence question, whether to treat the
request as "(hello world) or dolly" or "hello (world or dolly)" -John]

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