looking for visual parser generator

looking for visual parser generator

Post by L. Ron Hubba » Fri, 01 Mar 2002 14:17:48

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I am looking for a tool that reads a rule file and uses this to
process an input file to an output file. I dont want to have a
generator that produces C code, because the syntax (rules) may change
and the person who is changing the rules does not have a C compiler.

What kind of software is that? I am new to this and I dont think that
lex or yacc can do the trick.

To be more specific: We have text documents that should be converted
to HTML. Specific rules apply that shall do formating to the HTML
document.  (Automatic url to HREF, e.t.c)

thanks for you help

Boris Ottlewski
[There are systems that let you enter BNF to change the syntax on the
fly, but for text to HTML I suspect you'll be happier with regular
expressions and ad-hoc hacks. -John]

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