Parsers: Language vs Protocol

Parsers: Language vs Protocol

Post by Chetan Vor » Fri, 01 Dec 2000 04:00:00

Are there any differences/similarities between protocol vs language
parsers ? For eg, can one write a parser for IP (just example) using
tools like lex,yacc etc ? In particular, my interest is in writing a
parser for SDP protocol.

[It's not very different, except that you're typically parsing the bytes
directly rather than lexing them into tokens first. -John]


1. Bandwidth of QNX native protocol vs. TCP protocol - results

Is it possible that your switch is of the store and forward
kind?  If so these numbers might make sense.  QNX uses an
ACK protocol for each packet, so after you transmit a
packet to the switch, it has to retransmit the packet.
TCP/IP on the other hand will transmit multiple packets
before waiting for an ACK.

This may seem odd, but what you are paying for with the
switch is overall throughput, not point to point speed.
You should get the 3.7Mbit
even when the system is heavily loaded, assuming that
your target is not active.

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