Norstar And MCK vo/ip Anyone?

Norstar And MCK vo/ip Anyone?

Post by JR » Wed, 11 Jul 2001 04:26:55

Yes Ken it is neat, I am with Exario networks and we are the leader in VPN,
VoIP networking. I can build a plan or solutioncatering to your needs. You

Quote:> Got a MCK with 2 remotes, one of which works. The one that doesn't,
> does not have an IP address assigned to it's port in the gateway
> Should it ?

> Will be working with MCK tomorrow about it but,  just want to look
> smart !!
> Worked with direct T1 before, not using the Internet.

> Anyone that never heard of it, look at
> Really neet


1. Norstar BRI-U with PRI & MCK 3000

Does anyone have any experience with connecting a MCK remote office
extender 3000 to a Norstar using a BRI U-4 card and a PRI. For some
unknown reason the switch side extender will not answer. Ucing a T550-B
BRI test set we can answer the call but the MCK will not. Any help would
be appreciated.


John Olesky
Findlay Telecom Ltd.

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