Nortel Extranet Client v2.610u

Nortel Extranet Client v2.610u

Post by jloz » Sat, 08 Jun 2002 03:33:34

I have a 95 system that was upgraded to 2000.  After configuring the
Extranet Client with everything, when I click on "Connect" nothing
happens.  It is almost like the button just doesn't work...anyone ever
seen this before?

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I read this several time and I think you're trying to do this.
Connect to your corporate LAN via VPN AND access your Home LAN resources.

If this is so, you probably can't because once the VPN is enabled, the admin
probably has you locked down.
There are ways around this, one is that you'll need to use an alternative
protocol on your Home LAN (ie. none IP).

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