Integrated Comms Accounting/ACD Reporting Software

Integrated Comms Accounting/ACD Reporting Software

Post by Mike Thomps » Sun, 08 Jun 2003 05:58:17

Does anyone know of a system other than Avotus/Switchview
Intelecontrol that reports on CDR and ACD under one integrated
software application?

1. ACD reporting software for Mitel SX-200d?

We're running a small call center (inbound only, help desk) using a Mitel
SX-200 Digital Generic 1005 ACD.  I'm looking for an add-on software
package to give us better reporting than we get from the Mitel.  Essentially
something to analyze ACD-SMDR and give us reports on call times, agent average
talk time, etc.

It seems like everything out there is designed for a huge mega-boiler room
(and priced accordingly).  Anyone have some suggestions or recommentations?

It would be too mich to hope for, but so much better if this exists in an
open source or Linux environment.


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